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The (Salt-Water) Spirit of Nursing

I am a visitor here, a traveler from Wales

I meet other nurses following a path for planetary health

I see them holding and being held by something greater than ourselves

I see them riding waves, keeping above the swell


I watch from the beach, certain of my destruction

each path through the breakers seems perilous

I realize I too have something to offer,

  • Knowledge of the surf in the salt-cold waters of Ceredigion

  • Restorying the bard Taliesin and his transformations: hare-sparrow-seed


We are living the spirit of nursing in this ocean of nurses,

learning from mistakes in order to make new mis-takes


I wade out to these wave-riders, making my own great transition

the land beneath me floods with water, and I see

  • hands outstretched

  • a dolphin’s back

  • kelp forests for floating

  • a place to breathe

Help from relations,

that my imagination had erased


This then is the invitation to me, teacher of nurses:

Just rights and responsibilities for all of our relations,

Presence for the heartbreaks to come, 

Waveriding between dreams


Robin A. Evans-Agnew

Water Ripples


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